Friday, November 02, 2007

AQ Gooood, AK Baaaad

Finally broke the ice in a BBT2 tourney, final-tabling last night's Riverchasers $10+1. Key hands that I remember:

Shortstack AK > AQ

Shortstack AK = AJ when board paired for the second time on the river

AQ > KK: had 25BB left in the 5,000/1,000/125 level, called a smallish raise on the button...A-T-x flop checked to me, I bet 6,500, called raiser's push for 8,000 more...thanks for thinking kings are good!

AK < AQ: with both of us hovering around 20BB in the 800/1,600/200 level, I opened for 5,600, AQ pushed, I called. And the envelope, puhleeeze...9-J-J-8-TENNNANANA, I'm out in a disappointing 9th.

So that three Riverchasers tourneys in the books, and three river beats...apropos, no?