Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Mean It This Time!

New Year's Resolution season is here! First let me take a look at my 2009 list of goals:

- Lose 30 pounds by June 1st...didn't make the 30, but I am down about 20 pounds from my high in January...I'm proud of my progress.
- Become a winning player at $5/10NL by December 31st...yeah, not so much! Still at $.50/1NL, but running at about 3BB/100 over my last 4,500 hands or so...more work to be done here.
- Qualify to play in a major live tournament, no later than the WPT at Foxwoods in November...this one didn't happen, but I did cash in a $300 buy-in tourney at Mohegan Sun last month.
- Post at least once per it looks like I didn't post any less this year, either.
- Improve my position at work (or find a new job) by June 1st...10% unemployment rates didn't help me here, but I'm always looking around, keeping my ears open at work, etc.

And now for the 2010 goal checklist:

- Weigh 220 lbs or less by our next trip to Vegas (sometime this summer)
- Become a winning player at $5/$10NL by December 31st (not giving up on this one)
- Qualify to play in a major live tournament, no later than the WPT at Foxwoods in November (...or this one!)
- Grow our monthly live tournaments at the Lounge (we're averaging around 12-15 entries, I'd like to see this up to at least 20 by year-end)
- Plan three major vacations (Las Vegas, Ocean City (MD), and To Be Determined)

What I'm already doing to accomplish these goals:

- Reducing my carb intake by eating less bread, pasta, potatoes, sweets, etc.
- Reading poker books, blogs, and articles (already 75 pages into Elements of Poker, which I got from my brother-in-law Steve for Christmas...thanks!)
- Reviewing prior poker sessions, talking over hands with Todd, sweat sessions, etc.
- Collecting cell phone numbers & e-mail addresses from new players, and sending out messages reminding everyone of the next tournament.

What else I need to do to accomplish these goals:

- Get back on the low-carb horse after New Year's...I behaved during Thanksgiving, but there was just too much good, starchy, sugar-laden food around me these last couple weeks for me to pass up!
- Get back to the's at the end of our driveway...c'mon man!
- Buy and read Treat Your Poker Like a Business...and then another poker book, and then another.
- Look into buying a membership to a poker training site...I've got tons of FPP's on Full Tilt I can use to pay for one.
- Play more "main event" qualifiers...Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, maybe even the EPT stop in my dad's birthplace of Dortmund, Germany.
- Send out e-mail recaps of the Lounge tournaments...I used to do this for the private tournaments we ran online, and I think it kept everyone interested...numbers went down when I stopped the recaps.
- Don't waste my sick/vacation days on so many Mental Health Days...plan days off & use them to play in live tournaments and for vacations.

OK now, let me hear a big 'Whoa Bundy' on three!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Taking It Seriously

Todd & I talk about poker every day at work, exchanging stories about our hands from the night before. We win some, we lose some, but neither of us have been making any solid headway. No progress.

We bemoan our bad luck, talk about the hands we should've raised or folded, but for me it always comes back to the same's easy to see now - after the fact - that I made the wrong play, but why can't I recognize that and make the RIGHT play while I'm in the hand? No focus.

I'm finally willing to admit this: I know I'm intelligent enough to be a winning poker player, but I haven't played with enough consistent focus to realize that potential. There have been times when I've done some studying/reading/coaching sessions, but it's been in spurts and usually ends after I've lost a few buy-ins. Sometimes I'll bring the laptop upstairs and play in the spare room without any distractions, but it's so much easier (and more comfortable) to plop down on the couch and fire up a couple tables with the game on in the background. No discipline.

While driving home from work today, I thought to myself, "OK, you're in your late 30' work full don't have the time to really dedicate the time needed to become a better kids in their 20's have the time & lack of responsibility, they're the ones that can make the big money playing poker...are you ready to admit that this isn't going to work out for you?"

I didn't like what I had just thought.

If I quit on this, then what dreams/goals do I have to achieve? I don't bowl competitively anymore, I'm pretty much locked into this career I've had for the past 10 years. Forty is around the corner, and who knows what the future will bring? Longer hours at work? Children? Nope, can't stop now. I quit my bowling leagues a few years ago to spend more time on poker..this is it, bro.

Day One of the new routine is over. After I got home from work, I chilled on the couch for a bit, watching TV, checking emails & whatnot. Had dinner, little more TV...then switched over to poker mode. Hopped on Jen's desktop & printed out some poker blog strategy posts I read before from Ed Miller and citizenwind, printed them out & put them in a three-ring binder. I then took the binder & laptop up to the spare room, read & highlighted key points from the blog posts, and then fired up PokerTracker. I scanned my last session hands and focused on three "tough spot" hand histories. Cut & pasted those suckers into a Word file, added notes where I made good/bad decisions, and e-mailed it to Todd for his we used to during our group coaching sessions.

Only after all that did I finally start playing some poker. Table selected (looking for high % of players seeing a flop, large avg pot sizes, and no shortstackers to my immediate left), found three decent tables, and started playing. No TV, no Internet Explorer...just poker. I told myself to stay calm, don't tilt, and keep thinking. I acknowledged that even though I had taken all of these steps and even hit the books, it wouldn't guarantee I'd have a winning session.

Fortunately, I did have a winning session:

Nothing spectacular, but a win is a win...and I decided to lock up the win after about an hour...good for the psyche. There were a couple of spots (which I'll review in depth tomorrow) where I actually took a couple of seconds, thought about if the villian's bet made sense, and made two profitable decisions. One was just a turn call in position with 7-7...we checked the river and I was good vs just two overcards. The second was a big check-raise from a fishy player when I flopped TPTK with the nut diamond seemed an easy enough decision - I'm definitely not folding the hand - but I took the time to check his stats...and sure enough, my man's check-raise flop stat is three outta four.

I figured his raise of half my stack had committed him, so I shoved hoping to get called by something like top pair with the Kd or Ax-Kd...if he actually flopped big (two pair/set/flush) then I'm still drawing live. Unfortunately he tanked & folded, but I still took down a nice pot. Maybe I should've just called & let him shove the turn? I guess we'll talk about that at work in the morning.

Now I just have to do this again tomorrow...and the next day...and the next...nope, that's Christmas Eve. But the trick will be to follow these same steps again on Saturday, or whenever the next time I'm able to study, THEN play some poker.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Love Me Some Mo in Momentum. The finals of my poker league were last night, with 14 of us freerolling for over $1,000. Oz didn't make the top 15 in the points standings, so he was the only one that had cough up a hundo to play. Someone from the top 15 was a no-show...not one of our regulars, and Luke even texted him earlier in the day, so too bad/so sad for him.

I played poorly in the first hour...very lazy, not paying attention, lots of limping pre-flop and checking/calling post-flop. The lowlight came when a couple people limped in front of me, and I decided to limp with 9s-8s. The blinds came along, and we saw a K-xs-xs flop. Lucky bet close to the pot, I think someone else called, and I called. Turn was a blank, Lucky fired a 2/3 pot bet, and I was the only one to call. I was pretty sure he had K-x. The river missed me but paired the board (sixes?), and Lucky quickly checked.

I thought for a while, playing with my chips while I thought: a) could I get Lucky off his King and b) how much would it take? I decided not to give up on the hand and bet 3/4 pot...he quickly called and I said "You win," as he was asking me if I had a King. Indeed, he showed K-2 and I was pretty disappointed with myself for spewing a third of my chips. Lucky and a couple others agreed that I took too long to bet; I was mad at myself for not being more aggressive earlier in the hand. Could've raised pre-flop and probably taken it down with a continuation bet (Lucky probably folds pre-flop). Could've raised his c-bet and probably taken it down on the turn with a decent bet. My river bet looked exactly like someone bluffing a busted flush draw...I know better than that.

Luckily I managed to not suck the rest of the hour, got Calling Station Pops to give me some chips when I was dealt Queens, and made it to break close to my 10k starting stack. I resolved to play better poker from that point on. Pay attention. Play smart. Apply pressure.

Early in the second hour I played a hand with pocket threes much better than I would've in the first hour. I started by raising pre-flop, and was called by just Oz in the big blind. The flop was a scary Qd-Jd-8d (neither three was a diamond), and we both checked. The turn brought a non-diamond 7, and Oz checked again. I thought about what he could have. He probably would've bet by now if he had the Ad or Kd, a Queen, T-9, 8-8, or Q-J. I decided that I could probably bet him off his hand, so I bet a little over half pot, and he called. After a very non-scary 5x hit the river, Oz checked again. No way he's checking a big hand there, so I made another half pot bet...and he folded fairly quickly. I was very happy with my aggression and hand-reading on that one...pretty sure I got him to fold something marginally better than my threes.

I managed to make the final table, but card-deadness and escalating blinds kept me at about 10k and one of the shorter stacks. I quickly doubled up when my A-J won a race against Evil Vinny's pocket eights. Blinds were now up to 500/1k, so there wasn't much room to make was going to be a shove-fest from here on out. But most of the others at the final table tightened way up; they were hoping to hang on and make the top 4 ($500/300/200/75). I took advantage of this and open-shoved many, many times...and didn't get a single call. I broke the money bubble when I busted the short stack to my left...he had let his top-3 stack dwindle down to 1 1/2 big blinds by employing the "hang on and make the money" strategy of Fold/Fold/Fold. Didn't work.

Evil Vinny (who's actually the total opposite of evil, probably the most soft-spoken, kindest guy of the bunch) knocked out Lucky in 4th and Billy in 3rd place, so he had a huge lead on me when we started heads-up. We took turns raising each other's big blinds until he raised my 7k blind to 21k. I peeked at an Ace and shoved for just 18k more...he thought for a couple minutes before folding. Must've had something like 7-6 where he couldn't stomach losing the chip lead if I had him killed. Sure enough, I peeked at my other card before mucking: I had Ah-Qh. That was my shot at taking the lead.

The Not So Evil One had a slight lead when I shoved 50k with the sexy 6-9 (blinds were 4k/8k), and he called with pocket sevens. I didn't flop any draws and blanked the turn and river...but was now $300 richer. Glad it was Vinny I lost to...he was gracious as usual (win or lose), and probably one of the top 3 players in the league. He was the first to win both the points title and the finals, so good job Vinny!

I'm satisfied with the recent positive cashflow to my poker bankroll, despite losing about $100 at NL100 online this weekend. I don't think I played badly online, outside of one hand where I cost myself about $40-50 by not betting the river in a big hand against a fish with over $1,100 (at NL100?!?!). I'm pretty sure if I bet that much with A-K on a A-K-x-x-x board, he would've called with his A-T. But I checked hoping he'd shove, and he just checked back instead. Short stack who shoved the turn with a set of nines took down the $110 pot, blech. I need to break my habit of trying to induce bluffs/bets by worse hands, and need to mix it up with more value betting.

But I'm glad that I got my head on straight after the first hour of the league finals...I realized that I need to play more focused than I have over the past week. I was paying much more attention during my 500 hand stretch than I have since, must get back to that discipline.

Which reminds me, I gotta get my ass back to the gym...tomorrow after work!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

500 Hands of Progess

Nothing extraordinary, but it feels good to have some sustained progress. First the cash at Mohegan last weekend, now some wins after moving back up to full ring NL100. I feel comfortable despite playing 4 times higher than I have for the last few months. I think my playing style is more suited for full ring vs 6 max, but it seems that some of the extra aggression needed at 6 max has carried over to full ring. Not that I'm playing like a maniac, but definitely more aggressive than I have in the past.

It's only 500 hands over 6 short sessions, and I still need to work on my hand-reading and thin value betting, but it's a step in the right direction.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Day Two

Just wanted to jot down some highlights & oddities from this weekend's $150k Guarantee at Mohegan Sun ($300 buy-in):

- got to see a flop from the big blind with 4-2 sooooooted in a multi-way pot, flopped the flush, and actually won a decent-sized pot
- limped under the gun with 3-3, flopped a set, and actually won a decent-sized pot
- guy in Gehrig pinstripes called a 4-bet with Q-Q for 3/4 of his stack, folded the K-J-x flop, and then proceeded to get a chair massage while ordering food from room service...quite the spectacle watching him eat a massive steakburger at the service cart at his side, replete with linen tablecloth, vase/bouquet, and three glasses of ice water
- "You can't do this at Foxwoods!" he bellowed, which got a laugh from the room
- 12k starting stacks, 16k at first break
- 3-bet with K-K, got called, got it all-in vs Q-Q after a raggedly flop & turn, doubled up to 32k
- 3-bet with A-K, got called by steakburger (who was now over 30k), got it all-in vs A-A on a K-8c-7c flop, and spiked the King on the river! Someone had folded a King, so the one-outer saved my bacon...up to 75k
- folded to me in the small blind, I peeked at an A & raised, called by the big stack in the big blind...flop was K-x-x, now I had to squeeze out the other card...Ace! Got him to call all three of my bets with some type of pocket pair that never improved, and I was up to 100k & double the average chip stack
- some guy moved to our table with a smallish stack, and about a dozen room service-sized jars of mayo & mustard?! Turned out to be a uniquely funny guy - who also took down a monster pot when he raised with Kc-4c and turned trip 4's - and kept our table chuckling for the rest of the 12-hour day one
- finished with 96k, average was 71k

- Sunday was not as fun as Saturday
- blinds were up to 3k/6k, guy to my right shoved for 55k, I squeezed out A-K and shoved over him for 85k...another guy hemmed & hawed before finally folding (supposedly a decent pair), shorter stack also had A-K & we chopped
- big stack to my right had been bullying the rest of the table with lots of pre-flop raises, so I shoved over his 17k with K-J on the button for about 80k total...big blind put in his last 22k, big stack agonized before folding (my guess: A-T)...blind had Q-T and spiked a Ten on the flop...turn gave me a gutshot & flush draw to go along with my two overcards, but I whiffed on all 17 outs
- 499 entries, paying 55 spots, mayhem ensued when we reached the bubble...a few guys started lobbying for everyone to chip in $10 to pay the bubble, tourney director stopped the clock, and money is collected...10 minutes and $504 later (??????), the clock was re-started
- blinds up to 4k/8k, I shoved 55k with K-J again, called by short stack in SB with As-Ts, he hit an Ace on the turn
- Luke stopped by to say he was out 47th
- shoved my last 21k after looking at an Ace, big stack raised to 40k..."I hope I have something good to go with my Ace," I said as I flipped over Ac-Jc...he had A-A, nice...Ace on flop, and then running Jacks to rub salt in the wound
- out 46th for $584
- dealt a grand total of SIX pairs during the entire tournament: A-A, K-K, J-J (won blinds & antes), 6-6 (won blinds & antes), 3-3, and 2-2 (won small pot without showdown)...that was out of 400-450 hands, so I should've expected to see about 25 pairs

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Let's Put Some Positive Comments Into This Here Blog

Making a bit of progress with the poker...I'm probably down $25 or so this week playing cash games, but I did win a small MTT qualifier to tomorrow night's $80k Guarantee on Full Tilt. I may play it, or I may just bank the T$ for another time and hang out with my brother & neice instead.

Also started talking hands through with my friend at work, and he told me about the week of free videos on Deuces Cracked. Watched one so far, and now starting the Road to Robusto series by TubaSteve. Might not make it through the entire series, but at least I'll pick up some good fundamental training on things like table/seat selection, opening hand ranges, etc. Once the free week is over, I still have a handful of videos I downloaded from Poker Savvy before my membership ran out.

A group of us met with the new exec heading up our department at work (who also was my "big boss" when I first started this job back in 2007). It was refreshing to hear from someone who has a clue. When he first ran our area, we had something like 14 consecutive quarters of sales growth; his successors felt that many changes were needed, basically ignoring the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra. Of course they ended up breaking up lots of relationships we had with other departments we rely on, cut our comp plan, and did everything else short of re-naming our area The Titanic. This recent recession/depression didn't help matters, either. Hopefully the new (old) leaders will make things right again, make it easier for us to do what we do, and pay us fairly for our accomplishments.

And I've managed to drop a couple more pounds...nothing dramatic, but progress nonetheless.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One-Way Ticket Out of Limbo

So I've been basically just treading water in life over these last few months. Looking back on my 2009 goals (lose weight, be a winning player at higher limits online, qualify for a major poker tourney, get a new job), the only one I've made a dent into is the weight loss. Jen & I started eating low-carb about a month or so ago, and we've lost about 10 pounds each, so that's something positive. My goal was to drop 30 pounds by June, but I'll be content if I'm there by year-end.

My online pokering has stalled. Even after watching a lot of training videos, constantly reviewing hands with a buddy at work (who's also serious about poker and even won a seat to the World Series main event this summer), and even paying for some group sessions with a respected poker coach...I'm no better than I was six months ago, or at least that's how I feel. I went from playing every night to not playing at all, protecting my psyche/ego from further beatdown. I couldn't go on having another crappy day at work, and follow it up with another online session ending with a two-outer or cooler or poorly-played hand. I'm not thinkly clearly when "in the moment." It's easy to look back and see that I should've folded that hand, I should've check-raised that one, etc. I need to get my brain on that next level and strategize, do a better job of hand-reading while I'm playing the hand. I know I'm smart enough to be a profitable online poker player, I just need to focus more, study more, want it more. It's easy to say you want to make gobs of money playing poker; it's another thing to put in the time and dedication.

Poor results online + making less money at work + little vacation time left = not plunking down a couple hundo here or there for live-tourney qualifiers. Enough said about that goal.

Job prospects have been few and far between, as to be expected in this economy. I thought I had a decent shot at a position within my company, but never heard a peep from the hiring manager. I thought I had more than enough qualities listed on my resume that would warrant at least a callback and/or a first interview, but nada. Rumor has it because so many people in my department had posted out for other jobs in the company, certain managers were told not to hire away too many of us. Of course I have zero proof of this, but I heard too many things from multiple people (both within and outside of the company) that I can't help but think that it might be true. I'd love to be able to call BS and confront the powers that be, but I know all I would get would be a denial. I'd definitely call their river bet with just ace-high. But all I can do is feel angry and slighted, grit my teeth and keep plugging away, hoping that the most recent re-re-re-realignment of my department within the company's organizational structure will bring positive change.

I keep thinking about switching careers, going into business for myself, having more freedom and flexibility in my professional life...and more money. But what would I do instead of working in the field I'm in now? Oh yeah, that's right, I was going to make money playing poker.

I've GOT to break that mental barrier and learn to be a better player. It feels like there's an internal wall I need to break down...I need to get that light bulb to burn, or that switch to flip, or whatever cliche you care to use. I need to have that "a-HA" moment in my head that allows me to implement strategies, exploit other's playing tendencies, put the pieces together during the course of a hand that helps me hand-read more accurately.

I've always had the feeling that I've underachieved, never used my intelligence to its full potential, and now I find myself stuck in a career with no clearly-defined career path. Poker has given me small tastes of success, but I haven't dedicated myself 100% for a long enough period of time to become a better player. I KNOW I can do it, I just need to buckle down and do it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Self-Therapy Session #49

- flop top set, donk turns flush, board doesn't pair
- call minraise from SB w/JJ, flop KJT, minraiser has KK
- raise w/AK, SS donk in blinds calls, get it all in on KQ2x, he has 22
- raise w/88, aggressive SS shoves, I call, he has KK

Guess I should be happy that I lost only one buy-in...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Grinding Out of a Hole/Resolutions Update

It feels like I've been just spinning my wheels with my online and live casino play. I'll book some small wins on Full Tilt, then go into a huge slump, then grind my way back to my last high point...only to repeat the process. Thank goodness for rakeback or else my account would never go up!

I didn't qualify for Mohegan's big tourney...I played the final $280 qualifier the night before day 1A, big mistake as there were plenty of solid players looking to win an entry on the cheap. Again, I made the mistake of dueling with the most aggressive player at the table, only to have him catch his top pair on the turn and snap call my hesitating river shove (worst play I've made in a long time). Then I just played in a $150 Act II super satellite at Foxwoods on Saturday. Built my stack from 4k to 8k pretty quickly, only to have Ms. Weak-Tight run down my flopped two pair and river her straight...I was back down to 4k with blinds at 200/400/50 and struggled from that point on, lost K-9 vs A-8 for most of my chips, and ran a blind shove from the SB for my last 900 into kings...I woke up with 7-2, haha me.

The '09 resolutions aren't any more promising:

- Lose 30 pounds by June 1st: I'd be lucky if I haven't gained weight
- Become a winning player at $5/10NL by December 31st: just one decimal place away!
- Qualify to play in a major live tournament, no later than the WPT at Foxwoods in November: hope to give the April WPT at Foxwoods one more shot
- Post at least once per week: how about once per month?
- Improve my position at work (or find a new job) by June 1st: business is very slow, and everyone's holding their breath waiting for the new bonus plan to be announced...early rumors are that most of us will be eating Ramen Noodles and Mac & Cheese for quite a while.

Well I've gotta get back on the dieting bandwagon, that's for sure. Warmer weather will bring more opportunities for some outside activities (walks, golf, etc.). Spend more time reading poker books/strategy sites, maybe get a coach if not too expensive? Keep plugging away at the live tourney qualifiers; the odds say I should make it through one of them sometime!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why, Mother Nature, Why?

So of course the 1-3 inches of snow we were supposed to get Monday night into Tuesday morning morphed into 4-6 inches between noon today and now. Took me 1 1/2 hours to get home from work, so getting to Mohegan by 7:30 for the qualifier was not going to happen.

But if I did play in the tourney, then I never would've played with this fine fellow:

Seat 2: let's call him "DB" ($172.60)
Seat 5: me ($106.50)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to me [Jd Js]
DB raises to $4
me calls $4
*** FLOP *** [Jh 3d 6s]
DB bets $10
me has 15 seconds left to act
me raises to $20 (I could've raised more but flop is dry & I wanted to get the other two pre-flop callers to fold, which they did)
DB calls $10
*** TURN *** [Jh 3d 6s] [Ac]
DB checks
me checks (thought there was a chance he had aces since he almost never raised pre-flop, so I keep from committing my it's very deceiving in case I'm way ahead)
*** RIVER *** [Jh 3d 6s Ac] [Ah]
DB has 15 seconds left to act
DB bets $20
me has 15 seconds left to act
me raises to $82.50, and is all in

DB waited almost 10 sec, then...

DB calls $62.50
*** SHOW DOWN ***
me shows [Jd Js] a full house, Jacks full of Aces
DB shows [Ad Jc] a full house, Aces full of Jacks
DB wins the pot ($219.50) with a full house, Aces full of Jacks

DB: toug river
DB: weird check
me: thanks for the slow roll
DB: no slow roll
DB: i am playing multi tables
me: ohhhhhhh

A few minutes later, DB calls my $8 river bet w/AJ on a Q-high board...

Dealer: me shows a pair of Fours
Dealer: me wins the pot ($27.10) with a
pair of Fours

me: pity call?
me: or just bad
DB: good info
DB: called for info
me: bet you do that a lot
DB: is that a jab at me...
me: i guess
me: since you slow call with the nuts &
then question my play
DB: remember i raised the hand that you
had jacks
me: whatever dude
DB: you should have bet that turn real hard (which gave him top 2 pair & he wouldn't have folded anyways)
me: you're just better than me
DB: and not check
DB: i am better than you
me: thats what i just said
DB: but i have played with you before and I
am just trying to help you. (I've never seen this guy before)
me: i dont remember you
me: i must have a bad memory
DB: i keep notes on players
me: how do you do that
DB: right click on the other players avatar
me: oh
me: i thought you used a diary or something

At least I got my money's worth ribbing him...still haven't given up hope on qualifying for Mohegan's big tourney next weekend.

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Need to Succeed

Trekking back to Mohegan tomorrow night, weather permitting, to qualify for their big ol' tournament. Not trying to qualify, but to qualify.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday, Terrible Call

Played in the $125+25 qualifier for Mohegan's $2500 tourney...60 entries, we were down to 2 tables, and I had a slightly above-average $22k stack...blinds $600/1200, I had already opened a few pots in this level, and raised MP to $4000 with Ah-Qh...the most aggressive player at the table was in the SB, thought for a min, and shoved for $16k more...back to me, I thought for a minute or so...I saw him push earlier over a check-raise on the flop with just middle pair & gutshot, so I put him on a pretty wide range...I have K-Q and A-J crushed, racing against most pairs, and worried about A-K/queens/kings/aces.

Since only the final 3 would win a seat, I decided to gamble & called...he showed aces, and I was dead by the knocked out the next hand.

I'll be thinking about this one for a while...I could easily have folded & still had an average stack...first thing I thought when he shoved was "everyone gets knocked out with A-Q." But then I also thought it's most likely we're racing or I'm ahead, and felt it was a good spot to try & put myself up near the chip lead. So much for that.

Good news is my buddy Luke also played in the tourney, and he won one of the seats to the big dance. Now the pressure is on me to qualify, since this was all my stinkin' idea to begin with!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Insert Title Here

Not much new and/or exciting to report. Getting re-motivated at work. Live poker trips scheduled to Mohegan Sun & Atlantic City over the next couple weeks. Working off my year-end Iron Man bonus on FullTilt. Monthly poker tournament at the Lounge is set for next Saturday. First weigh-in for Biggest Loser contest on Thursday. It'd be nice if at least half of these things lead to some positive results.

Since the weigh-in isn't for a few more days, Jen & I are braving the snow to cash in gift cards at TGIFridays...yay food!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

In 2009, I Resolve to...

- Lose 30 pounds by June 1st
- Become a winning player at $5/10NL by December 31st
- Qualify to play in a major live tournament, no later than the WPT at Foxwoods in November
- Post at least once per week
- Improve my position at work (or find a new job) by June 1st

More to come as they come to mind...2008 was a pretty crappy one on a lot of fronts, but poker was a bright spot. I need to build on my poker success and continue to learn, move up in limits, and make more money. It doesn't guarantee happiness, but money can certainly help alleviate that financially-related stress cloud that's been rumbling over me (and most everyone else, I know).