Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oops, I Did It Again

I hadn't played Saturdays with DrPauly in over two months...always something going on Saturday afternoons. Last time I played I was fortunate enough to win; this time around I was just plain lucky.

Don't remember the details, but I played two all-in pots early on...and rivered them both. Felt weird to administer the beats instead of suffer them.

I think I was in the lead when the final table started, but behind almost 2-to-1 to jeciimd when it got to heads up. We got it all in on a two-diamond flop; jeciimd flopped two pair, I was chasing with Kd-Qd-x-x...and runner-runnered a higher two pair. Pretty gross, but no apologies!

Kept picking up decent hands, applied pressure, and ground down jeciimd to about 5,000. We finally got it all-in on J-J-x-x board, I had slowplayed A-J-x-x and jeciimd unfortunately had J-T-x-x. He wasn't able to boat up on the river and I wonned da tournaments...sorry, the post-tourney celebratory margaritas from Pancho Loco are talking!

Thanks again to the Good Doctor for running a fun, laid-back tourney for his friends & faithful readers.

Which reminds me, a solid Eff You goes out to the IT department at my job for blocking Pauly's site! Now I must wait till evenings for my daily fix...