Saturday, October 03, 2009

Let's Put Some Positive Comments Into This Here Blog

Making a bit of progress with the poker...I'm probably down $25 or so this week playing cash games, but I did win a small MTT qualifier to tomorrow night's $80k Guarantee on Full Tilt. I may play it, or I may just bank the T$ for another time and hang out with my brother & neice instead.

Also started talking hands through with my friend at work, and he told me about the week of free videos on Deuces Cracked. Watched one so far, and now starting the Road to Robusto series by TubaSteve. Might not make it through the entire series, but at least I'll pick up some good fundamental training on things like table/seat selection, opening hand ranges, etc. Once the free week is over, I still have a handful of videos I downloaded from Poker Savvy before my membership ran out.

A group of us met with the new exec heading up our department at work (who also was my "big boss" when I first started this job back in 2007). It was refreshing to hear from someone who has a clue. When he first ran our area, we had something like 14 consecutive quarters of sales growth; his successors felt that many changes were needed, basically ignoring the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra. Of course they ended up breaking up lots of relationships we had with other departments we rely on, cut our comp plan, and did everything else short of re-naming our area The Titanic. This recent recession/depression didn't help matters, either. Hopefully the new (old) leaders will make things right again, make it easier for us to do what we do, and pay us fairly for our accomplishments.

And I've managed to drop a couple more pounds...nothing dramatic, but progress nonetheless.