Monday, March 09, 2009

Grinding Out of a Hole/Resolutions Update

It feels like I've been just spinning my wheels with my online and live casino play. I'll book some small wins on Full Tilt, then go into a huge slump, then grind my way back to my last high point...only to repeat the process. Thank goodness for rakeback or else my account would never go up!

I didn't qualify for Mohegan's big tourney...I played the final $280 qualifier the night before day 1A, big mistake as there were plenty of solid players looking to win an entry on the cheap. Again, I made the mistake of dueling with the most aggressive player at the table, only to have him catch his top pair on the turn and snap call my hesitating river shove (worst play I've made in a long time). Then I just played in a $150 Act II super satellite at Foxwoods on Saturday. Built my stack from 4k to 8k pretty quickly, only to have Ms. Weak-Tight run down my flopped two pair and river her straight...I was back down to 4k with blinds at 200/400/50 and struggled from that point on, lost K-9 vs A-8 for most of my chips, and ran a blind shove from the SB for my last 900 into kings...I woke up with 7-2, haha me.

The '09 resolutions aren't any more promising:

- Lose 30 pounds by June 1st: I'd be lucky if I haven't gained weight
- Become a winning player at $5/10NL by December 31st: just one decimal place away!
- Qualify to play in a major live tournament, no later than the WPT at Foxwoods in November: hope to give the April WPT at Foxwoods one more shot
- Post at least once per week: how about once per month?
- Improve my position at work (or find a new job) by June 1st: business is very slow, and everyone's holding their breath waiting for the new bonus plan to be announced...early rumors are that most of us will be eating Ramen Noodles and Mac & Cheese for quite a while.

Well I've gotta get back on the dieting bandwagon, that's for sure. Warmer weather will bring more opportunities for some outside activities (walks, golf, etc.). Spend more time reading poker books/strategy sites, maybe get a coach if not too expensive? Keep plugging away at the live tourney qualifiers; the odds say I should make it through one of them sometime!