Monday, March 08, 2004

A couple posts and five months ago, I tried my luck with online poker and lost $50 in a heartbeat. So I asked Santa for a second chance at internet hold 'em, and Jen, er I mean Santa obliged with a $50 cash present. This time I went to PartyPoker and deposited the cash. This time around has been much, much, much more profitable!

I started by playing one-table no-limit tournaments, where 10 people each pay $6 and get $1500 in tournament chips to start. Only the top three finishers win prizes ($25/$15/$10), but I found myself consistently "in the money." In fact, there was a stretch of about 20 tournaments where I never finished lower than 4th.

So by this time my $50 stake had doubled, thereby getting me back to even in the online poker world. One night, I couldn't get in a one-table tournament (all the tables were filled), so I decided to play a normal $1/$2 hold'em game. That's when the bankroll began to grow quite quickly. All the loose players who were catching their cards against me in Atlantic City; now the tables had turned and I was the one raking in all the pots. I won't tell you exactly how much I've won, but it's safe to say that PartyPoker's been "berry, berry good to me!"

I will soon have a PartyPoker banner on the site which people will be able to click on and get a $25 bonus with their first deposit.
My wife is calling me a nerd...we're 9 short days from our annual trip to Las Vegas, and this time we won't be traveling alone. Our friends Luke, Kristen, Erik, Dave, and Christy are all coming along for some St. Patrick's Day-March Madness excitement...and we have plenty of activities planned:

- dinner at the Top of the World restaurant at Stratosphere Friday night
- tickets to see Carrot Top after dinner
and the coup-de-grace for the week....
- tickets to see The Price is Right in L.A.!

Between all the airline confirms, hotel and car rental reservations, ticket print-outs, coupons, etc...I have a TON of papers that need to accompany us on the trip. So to make sure that none of these papers get lost, I decided to buy a 1" binder to hold and organize it all. This has led to Jen using the word nerd on a daily basis...but when I look at that binder, I know there's a ton o' fun just a week and a half away...

Wednesday, March 03, 2004