Monday, April 05, 2010

- Runner runner flush in a 3bet pot, 2nd best vs slowplayed flopped boat
- Flop OESD & flush draw, blank blank
- Turn OESD & flush draw to go with 2nd pair vs BB special 2 pair, blank
- AA vs KK, all in preflop, 89TJQ
- Flop set on A high board, three way pot, no action
- $1100 spent on new hot water heater & deadbolt for front door

I know there's much more, but I've blocked the rest from my memory.

Friday, April 02, 2010

When Will It End???

Step 4 qualifier for NAPT at Mohegan next week, all-in preflop with AK vs A7, 7 on flop.
Step 3, all-in AK vs AT, TTx flop.
NL100 Rush Poker, 88 vs 99 on Q98 flop.
Rush Poker, 98 vs KQ on JT8 flop, x 9.
Rush Poker, 6d5d vs AK & AK on AdQxd flop, blank blank.
Rush Poker, KK vs AA.
Was going to play live qualifiers at Mohegan Tuesday after work, Norwich floods, never make it down there.
Worst sales month at work in 3 years.
+10 pounds in last 6 weeks.

I want off this ride.